Fishing Lake Erie Aboard "Denied"

The “Fishing Lake Erie Aboard Denied” web page was originally created by Dean Clifton. Dean intended his web site to help inform the weekend angler about the best spots and techniques to catch Lake Erie walleye and yellow perch.

Dean was not sponsored by any tackle companies, and always gave his honest assessment of the gear that he used and areas that he fished. Dean believed that weekend anglers faced a lot of challenges, but by having access to recent reports of hot locations and techniques they could efficiently reduce their search time and improve their success on the few days that they are able to fish.

We thank Dean for his dedication to Lake Erie angling and the pursuit of improving other angler’s Lake Erie experiences.

*April 10, 2012: We are no longer updating the fishing reports. It was a good run with lots of valuable information disseminated but as with all things it is time to put it to bed. Travis did a great job of keeping Deans integrity and honest reporting alive and well, and it is all archived for your future use. We thank Travis for his efforts and organizing skills, and Dean for starting something great.