2022 LEWT Huron ~ 5.14.22
The LEWT’s biggest stand-alone field ever!

LEWT Huron 2022
2022 LEWT Huron - First Place

Finally, Mother Nature was able to string together a week worth of favorable weather for a LEWT event. Anglers set off the week of pre-fishing with warm temps, south winds, and hungry post spawn Lake Erie walleye. As the unusual spring continues, anglers are seeing greater number of walleyes east of normal patterns. Many anglers are targeting walleye as far as Cleveland and they have been catching big fish filled with shad.

Huron always seems to produce big bags of fish and the stable weather and calm seas only increased the anticipation for this year’s Lakewood Products Huron Event.

As tourney Saturday, arrived anglers were met with slow rollers and distant isolated storms off in the distance. After send off anglers were instructed to seek shelter if needed, but no reports of storms were mentioned and Huron barely saw a drop of rain all day.

The first flight of the 91-boat field sent off at 6:30 am following the national anthem and some last-minute rule reminders. Flight 2 followed at 7:00 am officially making Huron the LEWT’s biggest stand-alone event in history.

While the anglers searched Lake Erie for the best five fish they could bag, Big Water Walleye Championships ( the new owners of the Lake Erie Fall Brawl) organized a pig roast and set up for the weigh-ins for the LEWT. The Huron parking looked more like a small carnival with vendors from the Fall Brawl, LEWT, Hook and Drag, and Outdoor 101.

As 2:30 grew near the parking lot was beginning to fill up with locals and family members all anticipating the big bags coming across the scales.

Teams started making a line at the bump tanks and early looks indicated that bags were going to be heavy. Cominsky and Runyan were first to weigh setting the stage with a 34.12# bag, ultimately finishing in 9th place. 

A GIANT 41.19# bag tipped the scales to take the day. 2019 TOY and 2020 TOY runner-up Gary and Alex Kisel cashed their second straight check and their first victory since their TOY run in 2019. The Kisels cashed in on the 1st place LEWT payout, 1st place in the side pot, and Ranger Cup good enough for $17,172. The Kisels fished the Avon area and anchored their 41# championship bag with a 9.44# tanker, just shy of this weeks “Big Fish” – a 9.63# beast caught by Danny (17 Paid) Alverson and Matt Bonkoski worth $1,460. Bonk and 17 Paid were reportedly fishing in Lorain when they hooked into the eventual big fish winner.

Sandusky Champions Joe Gibson and Bryan Beck keep the momentum going and bagged their first 40+ lb sack weighing in 40.33# of Lake Erie gold. Gibson spent his birthday fishing the LEWT and was rewarded with a share of $5,486 for 2nd place in the LEWT and 2nd place in the Side Pot. Gibson paid for it though, as LEWT anglers and the crowd embarrassed him by singing Happy Birthday while on stage.

Mike Miller and Bryan Fisher followed up Gibson and Beck with 38.74# for their best five. Miller and Fisher are a new team for 2022 and have shown that they are dangerous, this is the 2nd straight check for the duo and the 3rd straight check for Fisher (including the Jigging Open). They fished alongside team mates Gibson and Beck off of Avon. They will take home $1,887 for 3rd place.

Long time LEWT anglers Ryan Buddie and Jason Kopf yet again sit atop the leaderboard with a 4th place finish, good enough for $1,577 with a 36.86# five fish bag. Kopf and Buddie are long time LEWT anglers and it has been reported that their name was etched into the LEWT TOY record books long before the day of computerized record keeping. The old dogs are keeping up with the trends and showing these new guys they still have what it takes to be a LEWT team to beat.

Rounding out the top five is Thomas Nordyke Sr. and sub James Duvall. They racked up 35.92# good enough to edge out 6th place team of Lander and Williams with 35.61#. Nordyke and Duvall took home $1,310, followed by $1,206 for Lander and Williams.

Steve Tyszco and Christopher French claimed the 7th place spot with 35.15#, good enough for $1,121. French and Tyszco were able to edge out Lucas (The Yeti) Hahn and Russ Hannu who finished 8th and have owned this event in the past, winning in 2020 and bringing in 40# in 2021. Hannu and Hahn collected $995 for 8th place.

LEWT Huron 2022
2022 LEWT Huron - Team Pongracz

Some would argue that the highlight of the day was the big fish and the great atmosphere or huge crowd, but I would argue that it was seeing Gavin and Jordan Pongracz walk across the stage with 27.91# of Lake Erie sharks. This team is 8- and 10-years old and fished with their father Gary Pongracz as a supervisor.

These young men took it to the old timers and showed what the next generation of LEWT anglers looks like. There is no way these boys won’t be in the winner’s circle soon. Family, friends, and the outdoors is what it’s all about, and we thank you boys for fishing with us.

LEWT Huron 2022
2022 LEWT Huron - Second Place
LEWT Huron 2022
2022 LEWT Huron - Third Place
LEWT Huron 2022
2022 LEWT Huron - Fourth Place
LEWT Huron 2022
2022 LEWT Huron - Fifth Place
LEWT Huron 2022
2022 LEWT Huron - Sixth Place
LEWT Huron 2022
2022 LEWT Huron - 7th Place
LEWT Huron 2022
2022 LEWT Huron - 8th Place

The LEWT paid out 12 spots and then gave out contingency prizes from Aqua Traction and Hook and Drag. Payouts, awards, big fish and side pot totals were just shy of $30,000 paid out to Lake Erie’s elite.

9th place was Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyan

10th place was Tyler Berthold and Jeremy Lisy

11th place was Don Lint and Frank Broskey

12th place was Robert Scott and William Holly.

The Lake Erie Walleye Trail will see you at Lorain on June 11th. We already have a great field registered, but are open for registrations. Visit us at LakeErieWalleyeTrail.com for more info or to register.

2022 Sandusky MWC ~ 4.22-23.22
Joe Gibson & Bryan Beck take Sandusky

2022 LEWT Sandusky MWC - BONUSES
2022 LEWT Sandusky MWC - First Place
Ranger Cup awards increase to $21,000 on the year!

The week started off with high winds and cold weather, but the anglers still made their way to the lake to pre-fish. As the weekend approached it was obvious that we would get the combo LEWT/MWC event in as scheduled, but Mother Nature wasn’t going to give it up without a fight. Friday anglers were met with cold weather and gusty East winds. Many anglers were faced with decisions on fuel and time management to put together their best five fish.

Anglers found a great bite to the East that appeared to be weeks ahead of schedule, BUT… could they get there in the conditions?

On Day 1 the top three teams, Steve Hendricks/Brian Ulmer (37.02#), Joe Gibson/Bryan Beck (36.03#), and Ryan Buddie/Jason Kopf (33.08#) all weathered the conditions and made the big run East to find the best walleye in the HUGE 167-boat combo LEWT/MWC field.

Day 2 was immediately different as the sun started to rise and the warm south wind blew across the bay. Anglers were now able to focus more on the fishing as opposed to the conditions. After day one most anglers found it difficult to find those elusive Fish Ohio walleye that Lake Erie is known for. Everyone knew there was room for movement on the leaderboard.

As the scales opened and anglers started to roll in the difference was noticeable immediately. Bags increased from low- to mid-20’s to mid- to high-20’s and indicated that the stable warmer weather had turned the big fish bite on.

Day 1 leaders weighed in early and set the bar high with a two-day total of 67.13# of Lake Erie gold. With 167 boats in the combo field, LEWT veterans Hendricks and Ulmer were uncomfortable at the top as team after team attempted to take that top spot.

Third place team Buddie and Kopf brought a great day two bag to the scales, but watched the scales settle in just shy of 32#. Disappointing for the LEWT veterans, but still good enough for second place in both the LEWT and MWC.

As more and more teams hit the scales it was apparent that the day one deficit that many anglers fell victim to proved to be too much to overcome. Team after team weighing bags in the 27#-30# range juggled the top 15 paid spots in the LEWT. It wasn’t until boat 94 Gibson and Beck brought their bag to the stage.

Needing 31.10# to tie Gibson and Beck placed their bag on the scales. The scale jumped to 31.12# and as the water dripped off the fish dropped to 31.11# and locked in giving the team a ONE OUNCE lead on the 167 boat combo field. Gibson and Beck high-fived and celebrated, but quickly found their way back to reality as they knew there was half the field yet to weigh in.

Team after team failed to knock the new 2022 LEWT team off the top spot. Gibson and Beck were finally invited back to the stage to watch as the final teams attempted to knock them off the top of the leaderboard. As the final bag hit the scales the duo knew that they had just done it.

2022 LEWT Sandusky MWC - First Place
2022 LEWT Sandusky MWC - First Place

For the first time in three years a LEWT/MWC combo team has won both of the events. Gibson and Beck screamed and hoisted both LEWT and MWC trophies high above the stage.

Both Gibson and Beck are new 2021 and 2022 Ranger boat owners and both are registered for Ranger Cup earning the team an extra $7,000 for the LEWT and $7,000 for the MWC. This the second event straight that Ranger Cup will add to an already hefty LEWT cash payout.

Gibson and Beck claimed the 1st place spot in the Side Pot as well bringing their total tournament payout to $19,806.

Hendricks and Ulmer accepted their second place trophies with great pride and joy claiming $6,983. A bitter-sweet ending to a great tournament.

Buddie and Kopf fell just short of the Bonus Side Pot money since both the first and second place teams claimed the Side Pots, but made $2,265 for their Third Place finish.

Skupian and Neumann are becoming household names here in the LEWT with yet another top finish. The 4th place 2021 TOY team brought 61.02# to the scales, good enough for Fourth Place.

Tim Bock and Mike Ruffo tied Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyan for 5th place with 60.09#. Bock and Ruffo bested Cominsky and Runyan by tie breaker rules by weighing in a 9.04# big fish that topped Cominsky and Runyan’s 8.13#.

2019 TOY Gary and Alex Kisel landed a giant 11.09# slug, good enough for Big Fish of the event and $1,940. This fish claimed the top spot on the MWC side as well.

The LEWT paid out 15 spots in Sandusky and paid out nearly $43,000 with Ranger Cup to anglers.

2022 LEWT-MWC Results
2022 LEWT-MWC Tournament Results P1
2022 LEWT Sandusky MWC - Second Place
2022 LEWT Sandusky MWC - Second Place
2022 LEWT-MWC Results P2
2022 LEWT-MWC Tournament Results P2
2022 LEWT Sandusky MWC - Third Place
2022 LEWT Sandusky MWC - Third Place
2022 LEWT-MWC Results P3
2022 LEWT-MWC Tournament Results P3

2022 Cast & Jig Open ~ 4.16.22

2022 LEWT Cast Jig - Bays Edge Big Fish
2022 LEWT Cast & Jig Open - Bays Edge Big Fish
LEWT Bays Edge Big Fish 2022
Team Hawgn - LEWT Cast & Jig Open CHAMPIONS
2022 LEWT Cast & Jig OPEN - First Place
2022 Cast Jig Open - LEWT
2022 LEWT Cast & Jig Open - P1
2022 Cast Jig Open - LEWT
2022 LEWT Cast & Jig Open - P2
2022 LEWT Cast & Jig Open - 2nd Place
2022 LEWT Cast & Jig Open - Second Place
2022 LEWT Cast & Jig Open - 3rd Place
2022 LEWT Cast & Jig Open - Third Place
2022 LEWT Cast & Jig Open - Fourth Place
2022 LEWT Cast & Jig Open - Fourth Place

2022 LEWT Magee East ~ 4.2.22 RESULTS

Hahn and Hannu Take home the Title! Hahn and Hannu take home Magee!

Ok, Ok, sorry for the delay. In the craziness we packed up my tourney computer in the trailer, so I had no computer last night. Here are the Magee results.

Huge THANK YOU to our title sponsors: Vic’s Sports Center, Crown Battery, Quality Mark, DB Marine & Outdoor Sports, LLC, Edgar Trent Construction, SA Comunale, Off Shore Tackle Company, and Blaster Products. Title sponsors along with all of our other sponsors make the LEWT the best series on the Lake.

Additionally, huge THANK YOU to Magee East Marina and Campground and Ted Thomas for hosting us again this year. Magee is one of our favorite locations.

2022 LEWT Magee East - 1st Place
2022 LEWT Magee East - First Place

Lucas Hahn, the hottest fisherman on Lake Erie keeps his streak alive and steps up his second place finish from the LEWT Championship in 2021 with a first place finish to start the 2022 season off right.

 Lucas retired his partner, father G-man and is fishing with new partner Russ Hannu this year. The team caught 36.23# of Lake Erie walleye to edge out the field for first place. Lucas and Russ earned $15,399 for their efforts. They won Ranger Cup and First Place Side Pot.

New early bird team Travis Smith and TJ Phillips weren’t far behind weighing in 36.19# of springtime Lake Erie walleye. Only .04 of a pound behind Lucas and Russ to cap off second place. Travis and TJ brought home $3239 for second place. They were also just shy of tourney big fish with a 9.21# slug.

2022 LEWT Magee East - 2nd Place
2022 LEWT Magee East - Second Place
2022 LEWT Magee East - 3rd Place
2022 LEWT Magee East - Third Place

Team Boswell and Boswell continue their hot fishing out west with 36.15# following up a win that they had in Port Clinton in 2021. Scott Boswell and Michael Boswell continue to show why they are dangerous on the west end of the lake. Team Boswell brought home $1488 for third place.

2022 LEWT Magee East - 4th Place
2022 LEWT Magee East - Fourth Place

In fourth place, Steve Krim and Jason McElwain weighed in 34.08# for five fish. Steve Krim also took home numerous raffle prizes and giveaways from the Fall Brawl, LEWT, and Magee East. Team Krim and McElwain also won Second Place in the Side Pot. 4th place overall and 2nd place side pot paid $2558.

Rounding out the top five Michael Rider and Bob Spay weighed 33.91#. The team brings home $1086 for their efforts. Josh Crumb and Jordan Barth weighed in five fish for 33.39# capturing six place good enough for $998.

2022 LEWT Magee East - 5th Place
2022 LEWT Magee East - Fifth Place

Andrew Harmon and longtime partner Ryan Pettry Weighed in five fish for 32.12#, good enough for 7th place and $928. Robert Green and Mark Spencer pulled in 32.31# locking in 8th place and $823.

Title sponsor and Team Consistent Steve Hendricks and Brian Ulmer carried 32.12# of Lake Erie walleye to the scales bagging 9th place good enough for $770. The best haircut on the circuit Dylan Nissley and Sam Schmucker rounded out the top 10 with 32.10# making the money mark worth $420.

13th place team Josh Lewis and Jeff Hunter brought in the tourney Big Fish weighing a 9.55# beast making them $1080!

Teams Gibson and Beck, Frey and Hanchosky, Lewis and Hunter, Cominski and Runyan, and Tyszco Banaszak round out the top 15 respectively.

The LEWT paid out $22,390 in cash and prizes to our anglers on Saturday. Additionally, the LEWT Anglers put on another Fischer Classic and raised over 3k for a local angler battling cancer! We have your back, Perlaky family!

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