Huron information

6/8 410am

LEWT is postponed to Sunday. We have a small craft warning posted today. Thank you for your patience and watch here for more announcements

6/7 1010pm

After calling around, a number of people with a lot of experience on Erie think we should wait to make this call. NOAA hasn’t changed their outlook, but iWindsurf is softening their forecast. The actual winds right now are below the forecasted speeds.

If you have fished with us for a few years you know I always prefer to make these calls sooner than later. This time we will wait till morning.

I will be up at 4am to check the weather buoy and updated forecasts. I will post go or not here, and on the website.

6/7 1245pm

As of right now Saturday does not look good with solid 15-20 NE starting tonight, with 2-4 foot waves forecast and going to 3-5, and these winds continuing until Saturday near midnight. If there is no change in forecast we will not fish Saturday, and instead finish up our season on Sunday where the forecast looks more promising. I am looking to make a call on this about 10pm Friday (tonight) rather than waiting until 4am. It is also possible that we will delay our tournament hours Sunday to 8-4 to allow more time for the east rollers to calm down. If we get a wind shift to the south the waves will knock down more quickly. Updates will be posted here and on our FaceBook page. -Jeff Lash



Scroll to the bottom for roster.

Only two days until we kick off the final event of the 2019 Lake Erie Walleye Trail season hosted by Erie Outfitters!

Our championship is a two-day combined weight event scheduled across three days. If the weather cooperates we will fish Friday and Saturday and be done. The first day will be no awards ceremonies, just weigh in and you can leave and get ready for the next day.

If you need a sub I need to know about it immediately. Email with details. Have your sub purchase a membership AND fill out the online registration/waiver to be eligible to fish with us.

We will have a Big Fish pot paid out for both days of the tournament and also Big Fish plaques both days. To be in the big fish pot bring $40 cash to the trailer when you check in on Friday. You pay one time on Friday to be in big fish pot for both days.

If you have a fish bag to haul your fish to the scale, bring it. We will have the baskets at the ramp and the courtesy dock.

The second day of the tournament we will have pizza for all of you to eat while we write checks and total up the points. Please bring your own beverages.

All weather or event related notifications will be on our website and this Facebook page. Jeff


Attention all angler teams fishing the sold out LEWT two-day championship tournament event being held June 7-8-9. Our final event of the season is hosted by our friends at ERIE OUTFITTERS! Make sure you stop and check out the huge amount of gear and tackle that they have to offer.

Remember, we are starting on FRIDAY for this event. Our final event is a two day combined weight tournament. We have scheduled three days to get in two days of fishing. If the weather is good and we fish Friday & Saturday, it will be over, and no need for Sunday.

-Need to use a sub? Don’t wait till Friday night to tell us. You need to email with the details. New partner needs paid membership, and online LEWT tournament registration form completed before you show up. FAQ section on our website is also helpful if you have questions.

Mandatory boat/live well inspection is from 5:30am to 6:30am each day, pull up, get inspected, have one partner check-in at the trailer for your boat board, and then proceed to launch.

Big fish pot will be available when you check in on the first morning for $40 per team, (cash only, pays back 100{b229a3bf8ab6ef1e96373e828a76ca25fe99f93ae47e193d6e708b64a11a4952}) We are holding a separate big fish pot for each tournament day. Paying first and second place big fish each day, and first place plaques for both days.

After launching your boat, please float in the river out of the way of traffic.

Tournament hours will be 7:00am to 3:00pm each day.

We will start idling out toward the lake no later than 6:40AM to get lined up. Official LEWT tournament marine radio channel is 80. Final announcements and instructions will be over the marine radio as we get lined up

-NOTE, for all LEWT tournaments the water open to fishing is the OHIO waters of Lake Erie with the western boundary being the Michigan state line, and the east boundary being the 82.00.00 line. You may not cross this eastern boundary, fishing or not. (Note, last year the boundary was 82:05.00)

Returning boats must be in sight of the Huron ramp courtesy dock by 3:00pm, so allow yourself enough time to make it back down the river. Don’t get ticketed for no-wake, which is a DQ for the day. We will have someone checking in boat numbers.

Do not come into contact with any other boats before weighing your fish. You may talk to other anglers while waiting.

Before you pull your boat out of the water, have your five best ready to go. Don’t forget to bring your boat board! Drop your partner off at either the courtesy dock or boat ramp with the fish. Another option is as soon as your boat is clear of the water, stop and let your partner out with the fish. DO NOT drive off into the parking lot and carry your fish back to the scales as this will result in a DQ for your team that day! Please do NOT tie off at the courtesy dock. We will have baskets available for the teams that don’t have a fish bag.

Day 1 anglers don’t need to stick around after you weigh your fish. After day 2 we will have pizza for you to eat before the awards ceremonies.

We will get the first day results posted up as soon as possible on after day one, so that you know where you stand going into the final day.

Any communications in regard to weather situations will be posted on the club website, and also our FaceBook page. If the weather is questionable at all please look to these sources for info.

Thank you for fishing with the Lake Erie Walleye Trail, and huge thanks to all of our sponsors, Jeff Lash, LEWT Tournament Director.

1 Richard Wright/Tim Gunckel
2 Chris Morris/Tom Nordyke
3 Jerome Dorlack/Nick Meisner
4 Michael Doornink/David Pontius
5 Bob Barnhart/Eric VanDenk
6 Mark Brumbaugh/David Knieriemen-sub
7 Chris Kosciewicz/Aaron Gavlak
8 Aaron Humbert/Wyatt Humbert
9 Randy Eyre/Corey Miller
10 Dan Debenedictis/ Eric Fraiser
11 Gary Zart/Nicholas Zart
12 Josh Crum/Eric Wampler
13 David Frey/Roger Hill
14 Andrew Harmon/ Ryan Pettry
15 Ed Szymczak/Jim Molnar
16 Robert Burns/James Hough
17 Ryan Perlaky/ sub John Oberhaus
18 Robert Scott/Willam Holley
19 Dustin Clark/Nate Allen
20 Lucas Hahn / Jason Fischer
21 Steve Krim/ Lonny Hanchosky-sub
22 Rich Hass / Ralph Hart
23 William Gaines/ Nicholas Kough-sub
24 Richard Koscielski/Erik Jensen
25 Travis Smith/ Bert Ousley
26 Joe Polito/Jason Morrison
27 Chester Tabaczynski Michelle Myers
28 James Balog/Dennis Brenner
29 Ryan Buddie/ Dan Smith
30 Marion Erb / James Bowman
31 Robert Sanderson/John Clark
32 Mike Miller/Tim Bock-sub
33 Joni Hostetler/Merle Weaver
34 Gary Ball/John Bentley
35 Morgan Kise/Lloyd Blevins
36 Robert Cline/Randy Cline
37 Gary Kisel/Alex Kisel
38 Francis Ball/Michael Zaborski-sub
39 Mike Robertson/Mike Tobias
40 Samuel Downing/Chuck Elliston
41 Michael Shull /Eddy Collier
42 Cory Francis/Brian Hance
43 Jeremy Lisy/ David Kraut
44 Mike Boswell Sr./Scott Boswell
45 Jay Gullet/Greg Reed
46 Steve Tyszko/Chris French
47 Joe Whitten/Ronnie Rhodes
48 Rick Hallock/Mike Lopinski
49 Jason Zsebik/Tim Johnson
50 Mitch Dougherty/Nikki Higgins
51 Ryan Yonkers Cole Carlson
52 Joshua Moskal Mackenzie Anderson
53 Danny Smith Jason Blondin
54 Doug Ohler / Mike Flanders
55 Matthew Lecon/ Bret Berkey
56 Terri Boyd / Matt Hess
57 Jason O’Brien / Melissa Brehe
58 Lyle Miller / Lynn Miller
59 Justin Garcia/Dougie Hall
60 Scott Rhodes Jeff Koester